The Fut in Choy Li Fut

– Sifu Vincent Borromeo

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One thing that attracted me to this art is that it had higher meaning to movements as my old wise Sifu told me. the word FUT in Choy Li Fut means BUDDHA. In the naming of the art integral to it was its religious or spiritual meaning.

In its history we also see that Fut (Buddha) or Buddhism was to be studied. Founder Chan Heung would not be taught the art by Choy Fook if he did not study Buddhism.

To relate this to us now, For whatever religion you might be in its study must be integral to the system. My Sifu Ty then asked me what my religion was I said “Christian Catholic” He continued how enlightened are you about your religion? he showed me in many paralellisms to his Buddhist religion of how much he knew even of my faith.

His reason was “Since I am in the Philippines, I should be enlightened or know about your religion. And it is so sad to know that many of your country men really do not know about it.” He advised as i thread his path of Kung Fu that I should seek enlightenment even or especially on this path.

So back to the name, you can already see the values inculcated in this system. Choy and Li were his teachers. He named the art after his teachers. A very honorific system. He did not even name it after himself but named it after his teachers and his faith.

Now as I teach I also emphasize this to my students, the values of respect for elders, persons in authority, and learn and growth in your faith.

Inside the forms are many movements that also instill these values. The child praying to buddha, the seated meditation, the one legged prayer posture, and the universal praying hand, etc. Meaning not all movements are just about fighting but has higher meaning to bring or usher one to enlightenment.

Do not let one posture pass you without a positive image or thought then you will cultivate more positive energy.