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Stories and anecdotes about traditional Kung Fu as practiced by current practitioners.

The Fut in Choy Li Fut

One thing that attracted me to this art is that it had higher meaning to movements as my old wise Sifu told me. The word FUT in Choy Li Fut means BUDDHA. In the naming of the art integral to it was its religious or spiritual meaning.

Small Cross Pattern

Small Cross Pattern (Siu Sup Ji Kuen)
Performed by Sifu Vincent Borromeo Plum Blossom International Federation PH

An Awesomely Powerful Experience

When I come in contact with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong the experiences can be totally out of this world! Our interactions can be anywhere from playful to totally serious, but always totally awesome! I would like to share with you some experiences I like to call “Awesomely Powerful.”

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