An Enlightening Reminder

– Sifu Vincent Borromeo

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I brought my kids early to UP Dilliman for their summer soccer game. Since I was there I ran a loop for health and well being. I was grateful for Kung Fu to give me the proper warm up for the legs before the punishing run. But I realized I was not enjoying it as I should, something was wrong.

Then I realized my self talk whispering in my head, these things talking in my mind was saying “I had a late night so of course I was not feeling too well, nothing than sleeping early for an early rise, then I realized I was just looking at the road, I was looking down not up.” Voila! I now started looking at the majestic trees overhead and it was magic, a 100% change in feeling and experience.

Now I let all this beauty minister to me, I felt their shade, I felt the breeze and I realized what I missed in the first round. Everything became beautiful because now I saw it. I looked at it and imbibed it. I meditated on it, chewed it, nurtured the feeling, and now was circulating possitive chi. Wow I wish it all for all you friends, relatives and family. Cultivate the positive thought! Most importantly let it result to a feeling then you got it. Do not stop at the mental activity turn it into a feeling then you really got it. Then do not let anybody take it away from you. Better yet be grateful for it.