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Sifu Vince Borromeo teaches the art he learned from the World Renowned Grand Master Doc Fai Wong, teaches the Choy Li Fut and Traditional Yang Tai Chi systems. What was once shrouded in secrecy and mystery is now revealed for its health and fitness benefits.

Teaching Kung Fu Integrity

– by Sifu Vince Borromeo

“The Kung Fu I have developed is a holistic exercise system that keeps to the integrity of the style as practiced over the centuries. It is in keeping with its essential tradition, so those who learn it is learning the real thing.

However I will also teach the science of the movement that delivers the power, speed, and agility that come with real kung fu. It is designed a way to impart this ancient body of wisdom for the health benefits of its practitioners. Thus this brand of kungkeeps faithful to tradition in keeping the art pure thus making but now with a modern mind as to the intention of Integrity Center as a complete fitness center.

Those who learn will indeed learn the real authentic art. They will be members of the International organization qualified to join even its international competitions of the system.”

Grandmaster DOC FAI-WONG

President and Founder of the Plum Blossom International Federation. Plum Blossom International has over 300 affiliated schools worldwide, 50,000 active students and 680,000 members in 37 countries.

Disciple of both Great-Grandmasters Hu Yuen Chou and Wong Gong. He was a student of Great Grandmaster Lau Bun, the founder of the Hung Sing Kwoon of Choy Li Fut kung fu in America. He has certified instructors from his students down to the fifth generation teaching in his international federation.

Plum Blossom International is one of the largest Kung Fu organizations in the world. It has branch schools and authorized instructors in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Philippines.

Tai Chi Chuan instructor at San Francisco City College from 1974 to 2003. In 2004, he became Head Instructor of the Tai Chi Club of the Telegraph Hill San Francisco. In 1987 he was promoted to grandmaster status by his teacher Great-Grandmaster Wong Gong. Doc Fai Wong is one of the few highest ranking Choy Li Fut masters in the world.

Sifu Vincent Mercader Borromeo

Student of Grand Master Doc Fai Wong; Member of the Philippine Traditional Kung Fu team; Judge in Chi Ching Kung Fu Gradings and Tournaments; Performed with his Students in the Kong Han Kung Fu Anniversaries
Bronze Medalist in Tiger form First World Traditional Wushu Tournament held in Zhengzhou, China; Bronze Medalist in Broad Sword Weapon First World Traditional Wushu Tournament held in Zhengzhou, China.

Contributor in Rapid Kung Fu Magazine; Incorporating founder of Wushu Cebu; Founder of Cebu Kung Fu Academy and Plum blossom Philippines; Student of Master Johhny Chiuten and Sifu Edgar of Lao Kim Lineage; Student of Sifu Ty Ngai Ping of the Philippine Hong Sing Cebu; Contributor of Daily Tribune Newspaper on Lifestyle Health and Fitness


(Excerpts from stories submitted by our students)

“I started practicing Choy li fut last November 2011 and it all started when one of my co-trainee Juancho Victor Moreno introduced me and my cousin to sifu Vincent Borromeo.

Ever since that moment we learned a lot in life he thought us the principles of Choy li fut and how we differentiate our religion to budhism and to always have a positive thought because with positive thoughts most likely positive things will occur and sifu Vince also said to us one time that one lifetime is not enough for us to learn everything around us.

That made me think of studying again since I only studied at college for 2 years, I thought that it was already enough for me but what sifu Vince told us gave me a reason to study again and pursue what I really wanted to do.

For me kung-fu gave me a new goal in life, it gave me motivation that there’s still a lot to learn and a lot to experience even though I might fail at first but deep down I know that it will make me a lot more stronger and wiser and for that I thank Sifu Vince for leading us to the right path in life and for teaching us the value of having discipline thank you so much, God bless and more power.”

- Raymond F. De Leon

Metro Manila

“… Since I started practicing Choy Li Fut, I have learned so much and it has helped other aspects of my life. I learned to have time management, to have patience and discipline and to listen to my body. If I’m not feeling well, then I should not force myself to practice and I should not rush learning but instead practice safely and slowly but surely. What’s the point of learning fast if you end up with broken bones or bruises frequently, right? Learning Choy Li Fut has also helped improve my coordination and especially my reflexes.

To sum it all up, learning Kung Fu isn’t only about learning to defend oneself or to learn cool moves or to be strong; it’s much more than that. When you learn kung fu, all other areas of your life are influenced for the better…”

- Shiela Marie C. Burgos


“It maybe a misconception when people would think about Kung Fu as a martial art that could let you kick birds in the sky or jump from roof to roof. Well, I can’t blame them since this is what is perceived from the Super Human Kung Fu Movies.

Indeed, Kung Fu would develop and improve your physical limits but Kung Fu is not just all about martial arts. Now let me tell you about a different side of Kung Fu. A kind of Kung Fu that lets you develop mental focus, physical health and self-discipline.

A kind of Kung Fu that I learned from Sifu Vince Borromeo.”

- Mar Reeve M. Cabilin


“Practicing kung fu is mainly for health reasons (physically, mentally and spiritually), preservation of the art, and lastly self-defense. It taught me a lot. It made a great impact in my life. Even now that I’m in 4th year Medicine proper, I tried to look at the medical benefits, the pressure points, vital parts, and everything that I can apply in kung fu. I found out that exercise would enhance your short term memory. Maybe it is one of the reasons why I got higher scores when I practiced kung fu.

But most especially, kung fu taught me time management, discipline, presence of mind and that, there is always a right time for everything. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

And yes! Sifu Vince came to edify us! We were endowed with a priceless art…”

- Reynilee Christine M. Cabilin


“Like Vince, I too am a martial artist. I came from a family of martial artists. My paternal grandfather, my dad and his two siblings were martial artists. The youngest brother of my mom was also a martial artist. The influence was so strong that I too ended up being one, together with my siblings…

I actually first saw Vince in our prayer community. The prayer meeting just ended that evening and I was heading for the comfort room when I saw this mestizo looking guy come out of the c.r. and right after the door closed this guy went into a horse stance, tensed and extended his left arm into a tiger-crane fist.

I thought, “Wow! this guy surely has a unique way of showing he got relieved after what he did in the c.r.” Joking aside, when I saw Vince do the martial art move that he just did, somehow there was this sense that God was telling me that he was gifting me with a friend–in Vince. And that I had set my heart right with God, and can enjoy martial arts again with this new friend, who is also a brother in my faith walk…”

- Melvin P. Matabilas

Butuan City

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