When the Student is ready the teacher Appears and the power of gratefulness

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

I just got a new student and felt the Kung Fu saying “When the student is ready the teacher appears” It has happened to me and I saw it happen again to this guy who has become my student.

I was in line to buy some healthy veggies mongolian dish.

On my hand was a book “the selfless self” a book about meditation of which you will never know just reading the cover.

this big man a professional basketball player comes near me and asks what is a selfless self. I said it is a book about meditation. He said he also did meditation. I told him there are 2 meditation places I went to in my area the Ocean Sky (a Chan Chinese Zen buddhist meditation)and one in ABS CBN (Japanese Zen meditation) I was surprised to find out that he has been there. After a short but heavy talk he said he wanted to be my student so that was the long and short of the experience.
We had our first session and seemed like he was on the road to enlightenment and me too. He is learning the small form Small Arrow Fist.

Thankfulness: A meditation Here is my learning and enlightenment thanks to Dr. Jay Kumar

He invited me to remember “Thanksgiving or Gratefulness” original significance–that is to give thanks and cultivate an attitude of gratitude for all the abundance of my life.

I was happy to know of the outcome of Modern Research: On Gratefulness

Researchers in neuropsychology, who study the intimate connection between the brain and emotions, state that gratitude is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to experience overall well being in brain, body, and being.

In the past few years, neuroscientists have now begun to recognize that gratitude and compassion are among the most powerful and healthiest of human emotions.

Studies at Stanford University and other universities successfully demonstrate that embodying compassion and remembering to be grateful for what we have in life can greatly outweigh any sadness, stress, or challenges we might currently experience.

The Reason:, why expressing gratitude has such a strong effect is its ability to connect you to other people. Generally, when you express thanks you acknowledge the actions of others.

Being grateful enables you momentarily to expand your thoughts away from your own individual concerns so that you remember the joy and happiness that others provide.

“The Pause button of your mind”:,

When you experience gratitude or express compassion you hit the proverbial “pause button” in your mind. You shift away from your repetitive thoughts, your worries, and anxiety and begin to focus on authentic happiness, joy, and love.

“left prefrontal cortex”

From the perspective of neuroscience, the part of your brain that fires when you give thanks is the left prefrontal cortex, a region just above your left eye that brain scans appear to correlate with feelings of love, compassion, and self-worth.

“Its Physical Benefits”

In addition to boosting your emotional and psychological health, cultivating an attitude of gratitude has physical benefits. As you experience greater levels of gratitude, studies show that neurotransmitters in the brain release chemicals to stave off stress, depression, and anxiety.

One of the easiest ways that I find to generate feelings of gratitude is to make a list of all that you’re grateful for in life. Your list might include your family, spouse, partner, children, pet, or possibly even your health, the beauty of nature, and the very fact of being alive. Make copies of this list and place them by your bed, on your office desk, or on the fridge, or places where they are most visible to you. Every time you look at this list, repeat out loud to yourself one thing on your list that you are grateful for in life. Not only verbalize the statement, but truly feel it! Envision that person, place, or idea in your thoughts and connect to the emotion of gratitude and joy that accompany the memory.

“Brain Muscle”

Like with your body, neuroscience also states that your brain is also a muscle that can be trained and developed. As you cultivate greater gratitude for what you have in life, you automatically experience a healthy attitude toward life!

Always enjoy and cultivate “Thanksgiving” always remember and dwell (give time) to be grateful. Never forget that the greatest gift is actually