Hung Sing Teaching Tip

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

Philippine Hung Sing Master Johnny Chiuten explained one principle on how he was taught by GM Lao Kim.

Lets call it the “slow, gradual but sure building up” Principle.

The best way to explain it I guess is by comparison.

In the western way if you see how the army is trained as what we see in movies, or what I experienced in the Ranger (special forces) in college. We were shouted upon! move your butt! lazy bums! You will die if you keep it up that way! more pushups you “/?:=><” like were cursed, called names, verbally abused, screamed upon by our mentors.


In the oriental way, The Hung Sing Kung Fu way he called it “was little whispers of encouragement in the ear”. Ex. ” Once i teach you this your bones will become very strong”, “No one can beat you anymore”, you will know their next move even before their body transmits it into action”, its like you will have 6th sense”, “luck will come your way” etc. its all encouragement.


Then he will show you your improvements. You see he explained that man is adaptive even if he practiced 5 years he can think and believe he still does not know anything. He can still have no confidence. You need to give him that confidence, you need to let him see his progress, You need to consitently pat him on the back.

You see this world can be very cruel. It could have taken his self confidence and beat him up physically, emotionally, spiritually to a pulp. And when this student comes to you, you need to be his second father, you need to build him up again, the kwoon can serve as his second chance to a family. That is why you are called sifu. si for siansi meaning teacher and fu for dafumu meaning father. A Sifu is teacher and father. So one must take on that responsibility when teaching kung fu.

Say it over and over again as well as show him his progress everytime:

remind him when he started his legs were shaking upon learning the 3 basic stances. Now he has finished ex. his first form. That is an achievement. His legs and whole body has become stronger.

Remind him in the first bone and body contacts his hands hurt so much now its just like a good massage. You need to remind him not to compare himself with others but himself where he was before and where he is now.

He used to close his eyes when punched, now he can bravely look at the punch coming and make a good defense.

Now he knows more fighting principles that can lead him to victory.

This gradual process is to build back the person and to make him stronger. You need to infuse the Hung Sing (Always winning) Principles in him, by repetition. Always whisper in his ears that he is getting stronger and better which is true.

So no negative talking! bashing! insulting! calling names etc. it will all be positive. Then you will have good students who will be brought higher from where they were. And carry on the legacy and the good name of a Good Hung Sing Choy Li Fut Kung Fu School.