Credentials Grandmaster DOC FAI-WONG


-President and Founder of the Plum Blossom International Federation
– Over 300 affiliated schools worldwide, 50,000 active students and 680,000 members in 37 countries
– One of the largest Kung Fu organizations in the world. With branch schools and authorized instructors throughout the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Philippines and even Tahiti!
-A student of Great Grandmaster Lau Bun, the founder of the Hung Sing Kwoon of Choy Li Fut kung fu in America.
– Has certified instructors from his students down to the fifth generation teaching in his international federation.
-Tai Chi Chuan instructor at San Francisco City College from 1974 to 2003.
– 2004, Head Instructor of the Tai Chi Club of the Telegraph Hill San Francisco.
-Disciple of both Great-Grandmasters Hu Yuen Chou and Wong Gong.
-One of the few highest ranking Choy Li Fut masters in the world.
– In 1987 he was promoted to grandmaster status by his teacher Great-Grandmaster Wong Gong.

Sifu Vincent Mercader Borromeo Credentials

-Student of Grand Master Doc Fai Wong.
-Member of the Philippine Traditional Kung Fu team
– Judge in Chi Ching Kung Fu Gradings and Tournaments
– Performed with his Students in the Kong Han Kung Fu Anniversaries
-Bronze Medalist in Tiger form First World Traditional Wushu Tournament held in Zhengzhou, China.
-Bronze Medalist in Broad Sword Weapon First World Traditional Wushu Tournament held in Zhengzhou, China.
-Contributor in Rapid Kung Fu Magazine
– Incorporating founder of Wushu Cebu
– Founder of Cebu Kung Fu Academy and Plum blossom Philippines
-Student of Master Johhny Chiuten and Sifu Edgar of Lao Kim Lineage
– Student of Sifu Ty Ngai Ping of the Philippine Hong Sing Cebu
– Contributor of Daily Tribune Newspaper on Lifestyle Health and Fitness