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The Kung Fu I have developed for INTEGRITY is a holistic exercise system that keeps to the integrity of the style as practiced over the centuries. It is in keeping with its essential tradition, so those who learn it is learning the real thing.
However I will also teach the science of the movement that delivers the power, speed, and agility that come with real kung fu. It is designed a way to impart this ancient body of wisdom for the health benefits of its practitioners. Thus this brand of kungkeeps faithful to tradition in keeping the art pure thus making but now with a modern mind as to the intention of Integrity Center as a complete fitness center.
Those who learn will indeed learn the real authentic art. They will be members of the International organization qualified to join even its international competitions of the system.



A: 788 Banawe Street, Quezeon City
T: (02) 711 0427
M: (+63) 927 229 5259, (+63) 933 708 1137
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