It can be done

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

I was just telling one student that my Master Johnny said. In his calculation with the practice of his system of kung fu a person increases his power by 5000 percent. But at higher parallelism Peter Kreeft who I consider has kung fu in his mind said suicide rate has increased to 5 thousand percent too. Therefore the worlds need for enlightenment just got more dire.

I have been feeling bad that many want to learn kung fu with me but I could not oblige because of the distance etc. But as the title of this writing says “It can be done.”

Yesterday was the first time I taught over the internet. Jose carlo a new student from Cagayan de oro was able to get lessons from me through skype. I was happy to know that he indeed learned and was satisfied with our 1 hour session.

I had to adjust the computer many times though when I would move further from the camera to show the posture. And with the help of my son who was the one I would show the parameters of the movement we had a good teaching experience.

It could be done! my first cybernet teaching course live! I was thinking of getting a blue tooth headset or a wireless one so that he could hear me even if I went far from the microphone of the computer.

It was a great experience.

Also on the end of Carlo he got a video cam so he could capture everything I was saying and the movements too. I also could write something like the chinese terms and concepts. I now look forward to his progress. Hung Sing is at work here… “Always Winning” it can be done.