the 5 stages of fighting in the Lao Kim System

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

the 5 stages part of fighting training in the Lao Kim System
The first total control through the holds training:
The Second Part is the skin level control Training:
The Third is the anticipated No touch control Level:
The Fourth is the Sacrificial style “You are there but not there” Level:
The Fifth is making beyond the fight realm level ex. making your enemy a friend before the fight even starts:

Discussing the 5 Stages:
1. Holds: the first part of the actual fighting training is the training of the holds, CLF has two basic holds lah sao and Nop Sao. the former is the hand grab coming inside and the latter the hand grab coming outside.

what is important as always in this system is the principle behind the movement, application or training. First part or most basic is holding, you need to know, feel, and be aware of the opponent through him holding you and you holding him:
The Drill:
The drill made for this is one grabs the other trying to topple him. The one grabbing the person will learn where is the most effective way to gain control of the person, by the placement of his hand, where he grabs. then he will feel where the balance of the person is, and what his reaction will be to the grab. this exercise should be under the watchful eye of the Sifu or it could just become brute force pulling and pushing without finding and sticking to the principle.
One has to find out where is the effective holds that can control the opponent.
What is the effective counter to the hold. So a balance for the training is to be able to make the training flow and the limits that a practice of the principle can be had. Gradualness, effectiveness, based always on the principle being practiced.

Example of the truth of this principle in real situations:

My best friend once told me that his dad saw someone being stabbed in the street. His dad stopped and found a way to stop the fighting but noticed these things in the real fight encounter.
The first reaction of the victim to the attack was to hold the knife attacking hand. The person being attacked held on to dear life by tenaciously folding the knife hand. It came to the point that the knife even got bent. and of course his hand got cut and bloddied but this was a reaction that was most basic.

So Master Lao Kim style was to address this most basic reaction: Strengthen and learning from the natural instincts of man, if one holds he should be able to control the attacker, he should have proficiency on feeling his force, and where his balance is to nullify the aggression. Where hit, how to disarm, how to keep his balance and protect his vital organs.

the drills made should be done in a relaxed way, conscious of what principle is being developed. And the time to do it. “Kinahanglan ma Luto” as Master Johnny was explaining this training to me he said that meaning “It has to be cooked” time should be given the exercises in order that it will be cooked well.

Many students want to go to the next level without mastering these basics, and that is where many do not have the patience or cannot progress well because they lack the time to do the exercises of the principles.

We will discuss the second stage in the next article.