The Mind of Luck

by Sifu Vince
(Quezon City)

The Mind of Luck

I wish to share a Kung Fu explanation to my students and readers to better their lives in someway.

Grand Master Wong said “Practice this and luck will come to your life.” When a teacher tells you this it will not stop your mind on thinking why? And the process of your mind thinking about something that will benefit you is already a benefit. I will explain some of the findings I have made from the teachings I have had that could explain or shed light to this concept of luck. From the time he mentioned that I have realized so much luck and blessing in my life.

For Real?
Could it be that I just have become more aware of the wonderful things happening around me? Or just made me count my blessings because he raised the concept in my mind? Or has my mind really come to attract things we call luck and blessings? As the movie and books of the “Secret” exposed in what they call the law of attraction.

Sifu Ty’s Explanation of Conditioning and Cultivating the Mind:
Sifu Ty explained to me that one reason Chinese people become very successful or dominate the business world are some of these things they play in their minds and do.

Trinkets or Objects:
Because when you see a golden Buddha with a fat stomach is believed that if you scratch his stomach it bring you prosperity, when you have the frog with golden coins in the mouth, or the golden cat that waves his hand to you. These objects are very important he said. Not because of the objects but what it will tell your brain to attract the concept of luck.
Every time a person goes inside his office and he sees these figurines of luck it activates his mind to attract good luck into his office. Never underestimate the power of the mind! His expression was “way baowt ang wa maghunahuna sa swerte” in his broken Visayan. Meaning the one who does not think of good luck has no chance against a man who thinks of luck or attracting luck” Imagine a man that feeds his mind or conditions it everyday as he enters his office and sees all the luck trinkets as to the man who does not think. Worse for the man who even thinks its just going to be a day like yesterday a drudgery.

The Secret is to get your mind to think and thereby attract it:
The highest of Kung Fu is said to be the mind. The name Hung Sing alone means “Always Winning!” already a mind conditioner. And when you repeat and repeat it as a daily meditation that is what we call “Cultivation” all concepts of Buddhist practice to him that have been brought down to daily life and its benefits.

Spiritual Applications:
As I said he even challenged us who were Catholics to know about our faith as he knew about his Buddhism. He chided us that he knew more of our Catholic Faith than we Catholics even if he was “Buddhism”. It sounded funny to us because instead of calling himself a Buddhist he would say I am Buddhism not for any meaning but because his English was bad or rather funny.
Anyways he said the concept of cultivation and conditioning was in our Christian faith like the Buddha beads they had and our Rosary beads.
The question was posed that these powerful positive thoughts of our God saving us in the events like the “annunciation, visitation, birth of Jesus, presentation in the temple, and finding in the temple” our Joyful mysteries. He asked “If you do not recite that, would your mind have thought of it? Would you have accessed all those powerful thoughts? “The answer was NO. I would not have thought of it for today, yesterday, 1 week, one month, one year. You missed out so much on vitamins for your mind, body and soul. These things have power according to him, because your mind thinks of it, it will evoke your emotion, imagination and feelings. So according to him the power does not rely on these trinkets but on how you use them. To him, hanging it on places to drive away evil spirits was not the tenable, for the power was in its use. The power was its relation to your mind. Well again that is his opinion and teaching. As for me there is more to it for some objects that are blessed with holy water, could have some power and our prayer does not only affect us but can reach to others but again let us leave it at that. I would just like to teach what he taught and of course my own embellishments of my own experience of its use.

-Sifu Vince