An enlightening reminder

I brought my kids early to UP Dilliman for their summer soccer game. Since I was there I ran a loop for health and well being. I was grateful for Kung Fu to give me the proper warm up for the legs before the punishing run. But I realized I was not enjoying it as I should, something was wrong.

Then I realized my self talk whispering in my head, these things talking in my mind was saying “I had a late night so of course I was not feeling too well, nothing than sleeping early for an early rise, then I realized I was just looking at the road, I was looking down not up.” Voila! I now started looking at the majestic trees overhead and it was magic, a 100% change in feeling and experience. Now I let all this beauty minister to me, I felt their shade, I felt the breeze and I realized what I missed in the first round. Everything became beautiful because now I saw it. I looked at it and imbibed it. I meditated on it, chewed it, nurtured the feeling, and now was circulating possitive chi. Wow I wish it all for all you friends, relatives and family. Cultivate the positive thought! Most importantly let it result to a feeling then you got it. Do not stop at the mental activity turn it into a feeling then you really got it. Then do not let anybody take it away from you. Better yet be grateful for it.

Amazed Myself

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

I am aware that learning continues even through what you experience with your students.

but last night was an amazing one. I usually teach the first 2 small forms first because few people have the discipline of the boring stuff. Meaning the first 2 forms will get a student moving already before the dead stances which can be very trying in the modern world.

So last night I started my student on the real first form. All stance work, no hand movements, everything was a workout focused on the inside.

I told him you need the pain, the pain must become your friend, on the deeper level of things the pain (correct Pain) has to be understood and checked by the teacher, do not just seek pain ok. Well the pain will take out the mind from mundane musings or jumping monkey, it will bring you to yourself and your body. That is how it becomes your friend, etc. etc.

His eyes opened and said “Wow I really needed this lesson now, because he had a very trying day. Negative thoughts and feelings were hard to shake off.” this lesson was really important for his life now… in reality.

I also was surprised at they how, why, where of all these things. For I just happened to be in that area and I gave him a lesson. It was the right time, the right place, etc. Both of us were surprised. When the student was ready the teacher just appeared.

sometimes I wonder is kung fu really a calling of some sort? Thats how it feels, you really tap into the spiritual realm its just unmistakable.

Anyways, I clearly and intently taught him the boring but deep stuff. very late in the evening he texted that he was amazed at what happened and so was I.

The Fut in Choy Li Fut

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

One thing that attracted me to this art is that it had higher meaning to movements as my old wise Sifu told me. the word FUT in Choy Li Fut means BUDDHA. In the naming of the art integral to it was its religious or spiritual meaning.

In its history we also see that Fut (Buddha) or Buddhism was to be studied. Founder Chan Heung would not be taught the art by Choy Fook if he did not study Buddhism.

To relate this to us now, For whatever religion you might be in its study must be integral to the system. My Sifu Ty then asked me what my religion was I said “Christian Catholic” He continued how enlightened are you about your religion? he showed me in many paralellisms to his Buddhist religion of how much he knew even of my faith.

His reason was “Since I am in the Philippines, I should be enlightened or know about your religion. And it is so sad to know that many of your country men really do not know about it.” He advised as i thread his path of Kung Fu that I should seek enlightenment even or especially on this path.

So back to the name, you can already see the values inculcated in this system. Choy and Li were his teachers. He named the art after his teachers. A very honorific system. He did not even name it after himself but named it after his teachers and his faith.

Now as I teach I also emphasize this to my students, the values of respect for elders, persons in authority, and learn and growth in your faith.

Inside the forms are many movements that also instill these values. The child praying to buddha, the seated meditation, the one legged prayer posture, and the universal praying hand, etc. Meaning not all movements are just about fighting but has higher meaning to bring or usher one to enlightenment.

Do not let one posture pass you without a positive image or thought then you will cultivate more positive energy.

It can be done

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

I was just telling one student that my Master Johnny said. In his calculation with the practice of his system of kung fu a person increases his power by 5000 percent. But at higher parallelism Peter Kreeft who I consider has kung fu in his mind said suicide rate has increased to 5 thousand percent too. Therefore the worlds need for enlightenment just got more dire.

I have been feeling bad that many want to learn kung fu with me but I could not oblige because of the distance etc. But as the title of this writing says “It can be done.”

Yesterday was the first time I taught over the internet. Jose carlo a new student from Cagayan de oro was able to get lessons from me through skype. I was happy to know that he indeed learned and was satisfied with our 1 hour session.

I had to adjust the computer many times though when I would move further from the camera to show the posture. And with the help of my son who was the one I would show the parameters of the movement we had a good teaching experience.

It could be done! my first cybernet teaching course live! I was thinking of getting a blue tooth headset or a wireless one so that he could hear me even if I went far from the microphone of the computer.

It was a great experience.

Also on the end of Carlo he got a video cam so he could capture everything I was saying and the movements too. I also could write something like the chinese terms and concepts. I now look forward to his progress. Hung Sing is at work here… “Always Winning” it can be done.

The Thrilling Thrill of Teaching

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

What is a teacher without a student? he is not a teacher.
Funny to say it but in Kung fu language you will hear more such as ” It is hard to find a good teacher but harder to find a good student!”
and the musings do not stop but when a teacher and a student kind a come to the right mix of which there is a chinese kung fu term for that again “/.,*&^” time and place equanimity or affinity or divine appointment. But you will know it is it.

Well again I find it funny and amusing. I have been teaching for some time being a little white and tall I look a little downward to my students. Now a new student has come a tall one where I giving the lessons is looking up to him. And truly he has come far and wide to be gifted with this art so accidentally but fatefully met.

the minute we met I knew he was a seeker, but more surprises come as we meet the second time I get to know he writes. And here his mind meets his muscle let me introduce to you my new student with something he has written.
“Be Water, My Friend”
By Keith Jensen
This season, we’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs. We won 2 in a row, lost 5 straight, and then won 4. We’ve become a streaky team¬¬—and it’s quite a roller coaster ride.
Being present to the journey, I’ve noticed that as a team we tend to get high or low on ourselves depending on how our season has been going. Coach acknowledged this after a lackluster effort in the first half against Rain or Shine during which we went down by 20 points. He pointed out that we had become lazy in practice after winning previous games and said, “We’re starting to think we’re better than we really are!”

It’s a common mental trap that naturally seduces the minds of athletes. Players and teams will become attached to the idea of winning; entangling themselves in the duality of the game. Self-identifying as a “winner” or “loser” blocks the ability to have an objective perspective, and lures people away from acting and reacting in the present moment.
Bruce Lee came to this truth. He said, “Empty the mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water…”
You cannot fit the preconceived form of “winner” or “loser” into the shape of a new game.
Winning cannot be the reason to play. Yes, losing can be incredibly painful. But it can also be beautiful: when the lesson in the loss is recognized and the agony of losing is contrasted with the ecstasy of winning. It is this excitement, the energetic charge, caused by the coin flip of winning and losing, that makes the game so fun. The glory lies in the Yin and the Yang. The highs and the lows are experienced as the thrill—the very reason we ride the roller coaster in the first place.
“Running water never goes stale. You gotta just keep on flowing.” –Bruce Lee Please insert your text here.

What is Choy Li Fut Kung Fu? (Cai Li Fo, ChoyLiFut, Choy Lee Fut, Choy Lay Fut

by Vince Borromeo
(Manila, Philippines)

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu is:

1. A Shaolin Kung Fu Art: It is not true that all kung fu came from the Shaolin Temple as many in the outskirts of kung fu think all kung fu is from Shaolin. It is not so there are many family styles, etc. But ChoyLiFut is a Shaolin Descent Art of both North and South Temples. To me that is so rich because these monks had focus unlike others who had to raise a family and do work these monks just devoted their entire being to learning about themselves through Kung Fu. These they did seriously its documented it was developed for centuries. This to me is something clf has but this will be a very long topic and could even be a debate funny some monks I met cannot still conceive of a fighting monk. He he this is just my own beliefs from my study.

2. I consider ChoyLiFut a healing art. If taught in its entirety and from what I have seen my teachers do it is a healing art. From Master Ty who had people lined up to have their ailments healed in his kwoon. I saw him making a lot of medicines I even experienced it for a back injury I had in western weight lifting gym which Master Ty had to heal. After he taught us many lethal stuff his famous words were ” now that you know how to destroy man in many many ways, you should look into how to build up man in many ways more of your efforts should be there.” To Doc Fai Wong who in our very first meeting asked all of us who had ailments and he did acupuncture on all of us we all had healing from the hands of the Master.

3. A very comprehensive study of Human Nature,Character, emotions and body. I realized that in this system it is a body of knowledge of the human person, how it is molded, how bones are strengthened, how the mind is strengthened, how breathing is enhanced. how focus is developed, what are the natural reactions given this stimulus, how many pounds of force can destroy this ligament, this bone, etc. etc. Once you know this you will appreciate the way this body was made and compassion to its weakness also seen. Sifu always said ex. ” it only takes 7 pounds of force to destroy this bone, then he says remember you have the same bone too, you are as vulnerable, you must know you are as human as this lesson we study.” When you know ” Tao Lamang” human only “your compassion will grow, you will have patience to all sentient beings for indeed we can be so vulnerable” that brings you to the next realization that you need to strengthen your body and keep it healthy for indeed for it to be alive with all the germs, negative forces this world has it is a miracle to be alive. Most importantly it should make you understand yourself better.

4. Is a Journey to Find Yourself by way of lessons even in animals. I say this because this kind of kung fu has many animal styles of which many lessons in life are taught through them.

5. ChoyLiFut is a Martial Art: As a martial art, it is very comprehensive it has all in it (locks, strikes, weapons, to me everything you will need for the psychology and philosophy of fighting that you can use even if weapons change and develop over time. Even with the advent with nuclear bombs you will have answers very deep ones though. I can advice look into survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs only 8 people were unscathed and …. well you see if you go deep into faith the only way you become fearless is to have answers even to the afterlife. This is also part of kung fu specially on clf where meditation is really a part of it since it is the focus of Buddhism which is the main practice of Shaolin. First and foremost was a Buddhist temple