Amazed Myself

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

I am aware that learning continues even through what you experience with your students.

but last night was an amazing one. I usually teach the first 2 small forms first because few people have the discipline of the boring stuff. Meaning the first 2 forms will get a student moving already before the dead stances which can be very trying in the modern world.

So last night I started my student on the real first form. All stance work, no hand movements, everything was a workout focused on the inside.

I told him you need the pain, the pain must become your friend, on the deeper level of things the pain (correct Pain) has to be understood and checked by the teacher, do not just seek pain ok. Well the pain will take out the mind from mundane musings or jumping monkey, it will bring you to yourself and your body. That is how it becomes your friend, etc. etc.

His eyes opened and said “Wow I really needed this lesson now, because he had a very trying day. Negative thoughts and feelings were hard to shake off.” this lesson was really important for his life now… in reality.

I also was surprised at they how, why, where of all these things. For I just happened to be in that area and I gave him a lesson. It was the right time, the right place, etc. Both of us were surprised. When the student was ready the teacher just appeared.

sometimes I wonder is kung fu really a calling of some sort? Thats how it feels, you really tap into the spiritual realm its just unmistakable.

Anyways, I clearly and intently taught him the boring but deep stuff. very late in the evening he texted that he was amazed at what happened and so was I.