A student turned fastest dentist in town

by Sifu Vince
(Manila, Philippines)

I got a call today from Cebu. Let me get straight to the point the caller told me. “One of your student has become the fastest dentist in town”. I told him please explain what that means exactly.

Here is the story with so many unexplained parts:

The caller’s exact words were:
“your student had a brush with another martial artist. and that the martial artist said ” why does your style include tai chi? that art is only for whimps?

and then after more words said your student was attacked and he had no choice but to counter and in one swift move he took out 2 front teeth of the aggressor. He is now nick named “The dentist”. that explains the story.”

I did not know what to say upon hearing the news. And just mulled it over for 2 days now and wrote this.

Definitely, I do not know of the entire story. Neither am I inclined to hear of it now and would want to hear of it only from my student first hand.

Firstly, I am not pleased when I hear of my student using his kung fu unless it was an emergency and the requisites of self defense is fully present.

My concience is clear since all the students I teach is always made aware of the responsibility of becoming Kung Fu. I take the distance to really inculcate this in them.

Right now until I hear it from my student I will leave it at that, that he has become a dentist for now.